my phone's broken so i decided to finally get on my laptop and write an update of sorts.

i'm quitting my job and moving across the state. my last day is in july, move in date is in august.

i've informed the people that matter, but i still haven't told my grandma yet. i just know it's going to break her heart. right now, we're only about a 20 minute drive away from each other. with this move, it's going to be a couple hours by car.

i'm addicted to caffeine again. i love the taste of coffee, but hate dependent i am on it. i can't get through a day at work without it.

i used to spend so much money on food takeout and delivery. once i got SNAP benefits, i've been cooking more often. send me your favorite recipes.

one year anniversary of the site is coming soon. time sure flies. i don't have that same energy to work on shy.house. hopefully i'll have more time after i move.

oh, and how could i forget. i started playing fire emblem: three houses 5 days ago. so there's another reason i'm not working on the site.

i <333 bernadetta. bernadetta shrine! bernadetta shrine!